Smart Harbor

Usually the wisdoms seldom describe themselves so,

but this time is another story…


With the outstanding AI algorithm and hardware platform, WellOcean has been equipped with powerful and accurate recognition and classfication. It will achieve truly unmanned operation and intelligence in ports.

Autonomous vehicles

DeepWell can recognize an object within µs, thus it can avoid obstacles on highway (more than 200 kilometers/hour)

Precision Medicine


We use brain-inspired intelligence to make sense of brain!

Brain simulator of 10 billion neurons

This brain simulator is to simulate the neurons from the level of electric circuit instead of using mathematic algorithm. This is the reason that the simulator has broken Von Neumann architecture. This simulator is not a computer, but it depends on neurons to process information. It implements the third generation of spiking neural network to transfer data, to simulate the working way of human brains. Westwell Brain has the largest number of neurons in the world and simulate in a real-time manner by 10 billion neurons. It can be used in brain science, such as Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer disease, or any post trauma from neural impairment


Simulate the human brain neurons
There are 80 neural engines in every hardware
There are 512 thousand neural cores in every neural engine
There are 256 neurons in every neural core
There are 256 neurons in every neural core
Every neuron can connect with 13.5 thousand neurons
The simulator can simulate 10 billion

You will never feel more close to gene sequencing!

portable high-efficiency gene sequencing terminus

The chip can narrow the time of gene sequencing from 2 weeks to only a few hours
At the same time, the chips can help realize the small size of gene sequencing terminus

Let the chips understand what you want because they know the best!

Wearable medical data real-time monitor

When you are walking, at work, the wearable devices with DeepSouth or DeepWell chips can read the lesion locations in a real time manner with a consumption of less than 100 mw. It will largely save time for doctors and can be applied in the core system of medical robots or any other operation system.

IoT & smart mobile terminal

A single spark may kindle a great fire!

IoT & Smart mobile terminal

With the strong ability to process data locally, DeepSouth and DeepWell will join the increasingly popular IoT including smart phones, portable devices, smart home terminal, wearable devices.

Industry 4.0

From our aspect, we are not updating Industry 4.0,we are opening a new page of Intelligence 1.0

Industry 4.0

No matter it’s industrial robotic control system, or industrial auto-monitor system, DeepWell can all help them step into a new era of Brain-inspired intelligence with a high power to process tasks locally and in front-end.