About us

westwell lab, established in May 2015, is a commercial lab specialized in Neuromorphic engineering. Our dream is to jump out of von Neumann's theory and to construct an IC framework simulating the activities of human nerve cells. The size of a postage stamp, our chip is capable of learning like humans, computing with focus and power, processing massive amounts of sensory information within seconds.
Our extraordinary chip is energy-friendly, high-speed, and stand-alone – no need to send your data over the Internet to big, power-hungry and low-privacy computer farms. You define the objective; it thinks in a human way; we change your life. By integrating with sensors and applications on our mobile devices, we will bring this technology to you.

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When you see this text, you are using a computer with a von Neumann processor architecture, whether you use a laptop, desktop, or mobile device. The von Neumann architecture plays a vital role in the development of human civilization, but it also is becoming a bottleneck for novel future technology. When everyone is looking forward to the new processor architecture of the time, yes, here we come!
westwell lab was created by the leading team of global Neuromorphic researchers,and is determined to use Neuromorphic chips to change human life.